About Vulcan

Backed by over 20 years’ experience in the production of high quality replacement agricultural components, Vulcan ranks amongst Europe’s most trusted agricultural brands.

Based in the heart of the Steel City of Sheffield, the company’s manufacturing headquarters houses the latest laser scanning equipment, 3D Modelling software, 6KW laser cutting, CNC shearing, 5 axis CNC machining and 500 tonne mechanical presses for forming components. Ploughshares are produced on our horizontal upset forge or 600 tonne counterblow hammer such that even the most complex geometries can be achieved.

With a commitment to continuous technical and product development Vulcan can often improve on the original manufacturers’ blueprint and offer evolved part designs.

Every Vulcan replacement part has a precise and easy fitment and is engineered to have the maximum wear resistance. This results in an extended product life and a performance that endeavours to exceed that of the original part. Through unique heat treatment processes, new levels of hardness and durability have been achieved that make Vulcan products tough enough to withstand the most rigorous working conditions.

Put a face to the name. Meet our team of dedicated engineers, customer service and sales personnel.

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